Los Palmares Industrial Park is home to two global manufacturers of automotive parts. Both tenants selected Los Palmares Industrial Park for its premier location with convenient access to the U.S. and Mexican markets.

Merit Automotive Electronics Systems is a global supplier of complex mechatronics modules and switches for the automotive industry. Merit Mexico, in Los Palmares Industrial Park, manufacturers automotive switches that are exported to the United States and parts of Europe. Los Palmares provided a strategic location for export and access to a qualified workforce with experience in the automotive manufacturing industry.

The Toyoda Gosei Group is a leading global manufacturer of rubber and plastic automotive components and LEDs. Toyoda Gosei Rubber (TGRMX), at Los Palmares Industrial Park is Toyoda Gosei’s third manufacturing base in Mexico. Their location allows TGRMX to quickly and conveniently supply fuel hoses and radiator hoses to Toyota and other business partners across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

TRICO® is the world’s largest manufacturer of automobile windshield-wiper systems. For over one hundred years, TRICO® has engineered and manufactured premium wiper blades, bringing the latest innovations and original equipment rigor and quality to the wiper blade industry.